Delivery & Logistics

Regardless of where you are in the world, we’ll guarantee that we’ll employ the best possible form of delivery to ensure that you get your product safely and on time.

When placing your order, we’ll take all factors into account whether it be shipping product from stock, manufacturing lead times or your individual production schedules and endeavour to give you a delivery schedule that meets with everyone’s approval.

Worldwide Delivery

We can ship product to anywhere in the world. With established relations with all the major courier companies, we’ll source the best possible price with a guaranteed delivery time suited to you.
We are happy to organise shipping freight via ship/sea and air dependant on the weight, size and urgency of your delivery.

Special Courier Delivery Services

If your product is needed particularly urgently, then special delivery requirements can be met through our bike or van courier service in the UK, or elsewhere in the world by specialist courier services such as UPS, DHL or Fedex. Independent details and costs for these services can be obtained from our sales office on request.

Consolidated shipments/Delivery Schedules

Alternatively if you want to schedule your delivery in advance, want to consolidate a number of orders or have a regular consignment being shipped out on a regular basis, then we’ll work with you to come up with a solution that keeps shipping and administration costs to an absolute minimum.

MHJ Polarized & Locking Housing

MHJ & MHJH Polarized & Locking
Housing - NEW

  • Polarized & Locking Housing
  • Semi Automatic machines available
  • Crimping Service available
MHJH Polarized & Locking Housing
MSMC410 Square Male Contact

MSMC410 Square Male Contact - NEW

  • Standard and Locking Housings
  • Semi Automatic machines available
  • Crimping Service available
Super Slim Tri Full Colour SMD LEDs ML159 Series

Super Slim Tri Full Colour SMD LEDs ML159 Series

  • Only 0.35mm thick
  • Available in Tri Full Colour
  • The original Memcon product available from stock
  • Reduce thickness and save spacer and embossing costs!