Memcon is a Global Supplier to the Membrane Switch and Flexible Technology Industry.

Our purpose is to deliver a comprehensive range of products, technologies and services to the burgeoning Printed Electronics industry. To meet the requirements of industry we strive to continuously develop our portfolio, which includes Connectors and Metal Domes, Opto products such as ultra thin LEDs, Spacers & Adhesives, Conductive Materials, ITO Films and Test Equipment & Accessories.

As a global brand, Memcon is the preferred vendor of choice for leading manufacturers in all sectors of the Printed Electronics industry, including Membrane Switches, Sensors, Electroluminescent Panels, Flat Flex Interconnect & Circuits, and Intelligent Wearables.

Memcon stays at the forefront of the market through continuous product development, an insistence on exceptional quality, cost-effective solutions, and technical and market experience. We manufacture the vast majority of the products we supply, and aim to be a one-stop-shop for manufacturers of Printed Electronics. We encourage industry to share your application requirements so we can deliver a solution which will differentiate your end products.

167 Years in Printed Electronics and Membrane Switch Component and Material Engineering

In 2024, Memcon hit its 16th anniversary. We believe that one of the major strengths Memcon offers is the experience we bring. Our key managers possess a combined knowledge of over 167 years of operating in the printed electronics sector. This is very unusual, if not unique, for a relatively young sector. Our customers can be assured that we all have long pedigrees in this specific market and that we have both the technical and market acumen that enables us to work alongside them in partnership to get the best results. With Memcon, you won’t find yourself dealing with an office junior or generalist. You will be working with people who speak your language and can offer reliable, innovative solutions. We are always available to help with customers’ questions.