Quality Transparent Conductive Film

A new addition to Memcon is the latest range of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Coated Polyester Film – specifically developed to meet the ever demanding needs of the market for a high quality transparent conductive film. Already successfully used in a wide range of applications such as electroluminescent (EL) lamps, touch screens, position sensors, transparent…
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Made To Measure Membrane Switch Tail Extensions And Interace Cables

Memcon now provide Tail Extensions and Interface Cables for use with Membrane Switches, EL Panels and Touch Screens manufactured directly to meet customer’s specific application requirements. Designed to interface /mate with Industry Standard Flexible Circuit Connectors such as Crimpflex, Clincher, Duflex, and Molex, they are also available terminated at the opposite end with connectors from…
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Super Slim, Super Price

An extensive range of super slim, low profile 1206 SMD LED's – ideally suited for modern day membrane switch applications – has recently been developed and launched by Memcon. A super slim 0.35mm high with a 1206 chip footprint, these low profile led’s have a reverse voltage rating of 5V and an operating/storage temperature of…
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