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Selecting the Proper Tactile Metal Dome

Selecting the Proper Tactile Metal Dome By Phil Heft, Business Development Manager, Memcon North America. Tactile metal domes, made of stainless steel, are momentary switch contacts that become normally open tactile switches when used in conjunction with a printed, flex or rigid circuit. Benefits of Metal Domes Many actuation forces are available to meet application…
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Extensive Range of High Quality Metal Domes

Increasingly, metal domes have become the standard when an enhanced tactile feel/effect is required in an application, particularly in relation to the superior temperature characteristics they offer. Memcon have recently developed and manufactured an extensive range of high quality metal domes, competitively priced and ideal for use in a multitude of industries ranging from membrane…
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Custom Dome Arrays

A brand new range of metal dome arrays have recently been developed and manufactured by Memcon specially designed for membrane switch/circuit manufacturers. Providing a low cost replacement for the tact type switch and other short travel switches, the dome array has traditionally been used to reduce production costs and speed up assembly times - as…
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