Crimp Contacts

Our range of Crimp contacts are designed for use in Membrane Switch, Flexible Circuits, Jumper Cables, Sensors and Textile Ribbons etc

We have Hi-Flex contacts suitable for repeated insertion applications, low force insertion applications and high insertion force for high retention and high vibration situations.

Our contacts are RoHS Compliant and Lead Free. Our standard plating options are Tin, Selective Gold and Gold – other options are available on request.

Square Male Crimp Contacts 2.54mm pitch

Part NumberDescriptionImageDatasheetSpecification
MSMC410Long Square MaleNEWMSMC410 - Long Square MaleDatasheetSpecification
MRSMC756Reverse Long Square Male NEWMRSMC756 - Reverse Long Square MaleDatasheetSpecification
MSSMC595Short Square MaleNEWMSSMC595 - Short Square MaleDatasheetSpecification

Female Crimp Contact 2.54mm pitch

Part NumberDescriptionImageDatasheetSpecification
MHFFC106Hi Flex FemaleMHFFC106 Hi Flex FemaleDatasheetSpecification
MLFC506Low Insertion Force FemaleMLFC506 Low Insertion Force FemaleDatasheetSpecification
MHFC025High Force FemaleMHFC025 High Force FemaleDatasheetSpecification
MLFFSC506Low Insertion Force Female SolderMLFFSC506 Low Insertion Force Female SolderDatasheetSpecification

Male Solder Tab Crimp Contact 2.54mm pitch

Part NumberDescriptionImageDatasheetSpecification
MLST241Long Male Solder Tab/ContactMLST241 Long Male Solder Tab/ContactDatasheetSpecification
MSST141Short Male Solder Tab/ContactMSST141 Short Male Solder Tab/ContactDatasheetSpecification

Male and Female Crimp Contact 1.27mm pitch

Part NumberDescriptionImageDatasheetSpecification
MFPFC547High Insertion Force Female DatasheetSpecification
MFPMC923Male Solder Tab/Contact DatasheetSpecification
MFPSMC940Short Male Solder ContactNEW1.27 Short Tab (Single Crimped)Datasheet