Integrated Crimp Connectors 2.54mm Pitch
Our Integrated Crimp Connectors are designed for use in Membrane Switch, Flexible Circuits, Jumper Cables, Sensors and Textile Ribbons etc.

Mate with Industry Standard 0.635mm Pin Headers
Manufactured using Phosphor Bronze Contacts these Integrated Connectors have the contacts placed inside the Plastic Housing ready for the simple crimping process with an easy snap over cover to complete the assembly process.

Our housings are produced using UL Classified Plastics and are both the internal contact and the housing are RoHS Compliant.

Both Tin Plated and Gold Plated connectors are available.

Part NumberDescriptionNo of WaysImageDatasheet
MICC801T-XXTin Plated Integrated Crimp Connector2-28MICC801T-XX Tin Plated Integrated Crimp ConnectorDatasheet
MICC801G-XXGold Plated Integrated Crimp Connector2-28MICC801G-XX Gold Plated Integrated Crimp ConnectorDatasheet
MICCHT-100Integrated Crimp Connector Hand Tool – suitable for crimping in multiples of 2, 3 and 6 contacts in one operationMICCHT-100 Integrated Crimp Connector Hand Tool Datasheet
MICCHP-120Integrated Crimp Connector Bench Press – suitable for mass crimping in one operation from 2-28 waysMICCHP-120 Integrated Crimp Connector Bench PressDatasheet