Metal Domes

The Memcon range of snap metal domes has been developed for use in membrane switch and mechanical switch assemblies.

Our tactile metal domes and snap metal dome arrays are incorporated into a wide range of applications including mobile phones, test equipment, flexible circuits, domestic appliances, switches and keyboards to name but a few.

When manufacturing tactile metal domes we use only the highest quality stainless steel produced in the United States of America or Japan thereby ensuring that we have a consistent level of quality from batch to batch.

A variety of plating is available to meet our customers needs including silver and gold plating.

Metal Domes

Metal Domes

Metal Snap Domes

Our datasheets show our standard range of product, however should you have a requirement for a special shape, size, force or other parameter we will be pleased to consider and offer you a custom quotation.

4 Leg Cruciform Dome4 Leg Cruciform Dome6 – 20 mm150 – 450grDatasheet
4 Leg Cruciform Domes on Tape and Reel4 Leg Cruciform Domes on Tape and Reel8.4, 10, 12.2,
NEW14, 16, 20 mm
150 – 450grDatasheet
4 Leg Cruciform Dome with Hole4 Leg Cruciform Dome with Hole

Design Guide available
8.4, 10, 12.2,
NEW14 mm

280 – 400grDatasheet
4 Leg Cruciform Dome 35mm4 Leg Cruciform Dome
NEW35 mm
Oblong Bar DomeOblong Bar Dome17 – 51 mm150 – 400grDatasheet
Round DomeRound Dome3 – 16 mm180 – 350grDatasheet
Round Dome with DimpleRound Dome with Dimple4 – 13 mm180 – 400grDatasheet
Round Dome with Dimple & FeetRound Dome with Dimple & Feet6 – 13 mm150 – 750grDatasheet
Triangle Dome with Dimple & FeetTriangle Dome with Dimple & Feet5 – 12 mm150 – 550grDatasheet
Triangle Dome with Flat Top, Dimple & FeetTriangle Dome with Flat Top, Dimple & Feet8 – 12 mm320 - 400grDatasheet
Dome Placement Vacuum PenDome Placement Vacuum PenDatasheet
Custom Metal Dome ArraysDome Arrays available
to custom specifications
and drawing.
As requiredVarious